The Liberia Netherlands Business and Culture Council (LNBCC) first lunch meeting, February 10, 2021

The Liberia Netherlands Business and Culture Council (LNBCC) first lunch first meeting of 2021 was held at Mambapoint Hotel who kindly sponsored the event. The meeting was graced by a visit of the EU head of coordination Mr. Theodorus Kaspers. A welcome remark was done by the LNBCC business consultant.

In his welcome statement, Mr. Slagmolen reiterated the large potential for business development in Liberia nearly in all sectors of the economy. He also highlighted the constraints that Liberian companies have in accessing financial support like getting loans from commercial banks.

Although the number of participants was low a lively discussion erupted on the work the EU is doing in Liberia. The fact is that the EU’s budget has been spent and there are no new plans approved. Mr. Kaspers is working on new budgets, but these will take time to be approved by Brussels. The discussion also bordered on the performance of the Weah led government, where all participants stressed their frustration on the poor performance on fighting corruption that leads to donors reducing the aid to Liberia.

However the EU has supported Liberia in great projects, like electrification-ongoing!; education-ongoing!; budget support, and many others. The lunch meeting concluded with networking amongst LNBCC members as usual. This aspect was all about members sharing their progress, challenges during the past year and seeking future opportunities