Two Dutch Firms Help Liberians Bridge Logistics Gap through Trade Facilitation Training

Monrovia – Participants at the trade facilitation training have expressed optimistic that Liberia within a not to distance future can meet the international standards when it comes to port management, broker, trucking and transporting of goods from one place to another.

“Our vision is to improve our logistics to meet international level. We have to be focussed on work because, since the end of the war, we have a huge gap in logistic and that is why our partners STC-NESTRA and Evo-Fenedex come to help us,” Richard B. Glaydor of the Consortium of Liberia Professionals said.

The four days training was held at the Bella Casa Hotel in Sinkor, Monrovia.

NESTRA, one of the Dutch firms that conducted the training is the acronym for “Netherlands Expert Group for Sustainable Transport and Logistics” and is a member of the STC-Group. 

The Dutch firm provides high-level consultancy and applied research services in the field of sustainable transport and logistics. 

Its aims at servicing public and private organizations on a national and international level such as Ministries of Transport, European Commission, Asian Development Bank, and World Bank.

Also, another Dutch firm that conducted the training, Evo-Fenedex accounts for 70 percent of all goods shipped within, to and from the Netherlands. The firm was founded more than 75 years ago and membership is open to companies of all sectors.