On May 27th 2019, a team of four (4) departed Liberia at the Roberts International Airport to attend a three (3) days training in Sierra Leone sponsored by RVO and Evo-Fenedex from the Netherlands. The Liberia Delegation (Liberia Netherlands Business Cultural Council & Liberia Port Authority) arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone on the 27th of May 2019 to attend ‘’ Bridging the gaps import, export and custom trade’ training. On their arrival, an acquaintance dinner was held at the Radisson Blue Hotel bringing together people from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Netherlands. On the 28th and 29th of May the participants were trained on export, import, customs and trade. The focus was on how to educate participants on working with imported products and exported goods. It was centered around trade in West Africa and how participating countries can improve their trade and encourage investments and investors into their countries. The delegation also visited  the Sierra Leone Port Authority in the port where participants were guided through the port system. They were specifically trained on Port Management where port safety was a priority. They learned about routine maintenance of equipment used for landing the containers, position trailers and loading of containers, the training of truck drivers how to use the rightful U-turns to avoid accidents in a so-called multi-trucking system. Also explanations how to handle customers, how to handle containers, and how customs should react to shippers, importers and customers, the cargo handling and the wearing of safety gears at all times in technical areas. The workshop ended with a departure dinner on the 29th of May, where participants shared experiences and network with partners and potential partners from various countries.

Names of Liberian Delegation

  1. Stanley Slagmoden- Lead LNBCC
  2. Tracy P. Kollie- LNBCC
  3. Civicus Barsi- Giah- NPA
  4. Pauline Paula Jlay- NPA